Graham Neubig - Contact Me

Thank you for your interest in getting in contact with me! My contact info is to the right, but note that I get a lot of email, and recently have not been able to reply to all of it. In order to ensure that you get a proper response please read below.

Tel: +1-412-268-3898
5409 Gates Hillman Center
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213, USA

I have a question about your research/software

I am always super-happy to hear about people appreciating my work. If you have a technical question about a research paper, it is best to try to get in contact with all of the authors, so the most appropriate person can respond as quickly as possible.

If you have a question about a software toolkit that I developed, I encourage you to get in contact with the mailing list for the toolkit, or post an issue on GitHub if you've found a bug. This will maximize the number of eyes looking at your problem, which can improve the chances of a speedy response. If you don't know where to find the mailing list, telling me "I couldn't find the mailing list" in your email will remind me to make one.

I am at/accepted to CMU and want to work with you

Great! Every year I plan on taking one to a few students as advisees. If you are already at CMU, feel free to email me and we can arrange a meeting. If you have been accepted to the program but are not at CMU yet, email me and we can have a meeting after you arrive.

I am applying to CMU and want to work with you

I'm happy to hear that! I am always looking to work with great and enthusiastic students in my research areas. Also, CMU is a great place to study about natural language processing, computational linguistics, and speech. The Language Technologies Institute (where I am affiliated) has a larger mass of people working on these areas than anywhere in the world, as far as I know, and everyone is doing really interesting stuff.

The way applications work in the LTI is that you first apply to the program, get accepted, and then in the first weeks after joining the school all students pair up with an advisor. Note that in interest of fairness, I can't give any advice on preparing your application or put in a good word for you, so regardless of whether you contact me in advance or not, this will not increase your chances of getting in to the program. Because of this, I'd encourage you to go ahead and apply for the program, and after you've gotten in, get in contact with me.

Of course, if you have any specific questions not covered above, feel free to get in contact with me, and put "[prospective-student]" at the beginning of the email title so I know that you already understand the stuff here.

I want to do a short-term research visit with you

I get a lot of email requesting visits from really great and interesting young researchers, and I really appreciate your interest. But because of my personal time constraints and also the limited number of seats I can allocate for visitors in my lab, I won't be able to take any more visitors for the near future. Unfortunately I get a lot of email requesting short-term or long-term internships (particularly over the summer), so I can't respond to all of them personally, but I'll be sure to post here again when I have slots open.